Sat, Mar 14   I   Center Stage (The Loft)

90's R&B Karaoke Pop-Up Concert (Atlanta, GA)

Sat, Mar 28th  I   Catch One - Underground

90's R&B Karaoke Pop-Up Concert (Los Angeles, CA)

Sun,  May 24th  I   Barclays Center

90's R&B Karaoke Pop-Up Concert (Brooklyn, NY))

90's R&B Karaoke is an event/concert where we celebrate the nostalgia of 90's R&B music. We provide a safe and judge-free environment that empowers people (especially black women) to express all the emotions that come with what we feel is the greatest era and greatest genre of music of all time.

In December of 2018, the idea of the 90's R&B Karaoke Pop-Up Concerts stemmed from a single conversation I had with my business partners over lunch. 6 months later, we're creating monthly events where we travel city to city to create a 90's R&B concert experience. It all started with a single idea: create a movement for the ultimate 90's R&B fan.


It's a simple goal, but one that's had a lasting impact on the people that get to experience it. People want to reconnect with those feelings that 90's R&B music gave them, become the 90's R&B superstar they've always dreamt of becoming, connect with other people with the same love for 90's R&B music, and create moments; and they want to do it in an engaging way. Sometimes it feels like R&B music is dying, losing its emotion, and vulnerability. But if I've learned anything from our past 90's R&B Karaoke concerts, it's this; 90's R&B music is the link to bringing out one's emotion and vulnerability... even amongst complete strangers. That's powerful!


I was tired of going to "90's R&B Parties" and they play little to no 90's R&B music mixed with trap music segments. It was clear that the culture needed a party that only catered to those true 90's R&B fans like myself.

Jason m. gray co-founder/creative director

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